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UK band Viola Beach killed in Sweden

BBC News - 45 min 31 sec ago
The four members of British indie band Viola Beach and their manager die in a car crash in Sweden.
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Rugby player misses birth of son to play

BBC News - 1 hour 2 min ago
Rugby league team Hull FC have paid tribute to one of their players after he missed the birth of his first child to play for the side.
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Britons held in Greece over guns stash

BBC News - 1 hour 29 min ago
Police in Greece say they have arrested two British nationals and one British resident for transporting weapons and ammunition allegedly for use in terrorist activities.
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China bank chief blames 'speculators'

BBC News - 1 hour 38 min ago
Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan accuses "speculative forces" of targeting the country's currency, the yuan.
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Homeless woman foils store burglary

BBC News - 1 hour 39 min ago
A homeless woman foiled a burglary at a beauty store when she challenged an intruder in the midst of a raid.
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Ormerod claims first World Cup podium

BBC News - 2 hours 5 min ago
British snowboarder Katie Ormerod claims her first World Cup podium after finishing second in big air in Canada.
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Turkey continues assault on Syria Kurds

BBC News - 2 hours 11 min ago
A Turkish assault on positions claimed by Kurdish fighters in northern Syria continues into a second day.
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VIDEO: Moment earthquake hit New Zealand

BBC News - 2 hours 14 min ago
A magnitude 5.8 earthquake shook the New Zealand city of Christchurch on Sunday.
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'Final hurdle' in Scots fiscal talks

BBC News - 2 hours 34 min ago
The Scottish and UK governments are to meet in a bid to clear the "final hurdle" in talks over a fiscal framework for devolved powers.
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Hammond: EU talks will go down to wire

BBC News - 2 hours 41 min ago
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says Britain needs a "robust deal" for staying in the EU, which will only be decided when European heads of government meet on Thursday.
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Battle over US Supreme Court future

BBC News - 2 hours 41 min ago
The death of one of the most conservative members of the US Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia, sparks a battle for its control.
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Cyprus aims to heal its great divide

BBC News - 3 hours 7 min ago
Hope is growing that decades of division between northern and southern Cyprus could be coming to an end, says Greg Dawson.
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Murder charge after woman's body found

BBC News - 3 hours 19 min ago
A man is charged with murder after a woman was found dead in a house in Bury, Greater Manchester.
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'US search' for next Ofsted head

BBC News - 3 hours 23 min ago
Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is understood to be looking to the US for the next head of England's schools inspectorate Ofsted.
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Scotland 'trapped in no-man's land'

BBC News - 4 hours 36 min ago
Tom English analyses another 'excruciating' defeat as Scotland's search for a Six Nations victory goes on.
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Self-employed 'need more support'

BBC News - 4 hours 37 min ago
Self-employed workers should get more support in running their businesses, says a review commissioned by the government from a leading entrepreneur.
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The dating apps taking on Tinder

BBC News - 4 hours 44 min ago
Valentine's Day drives big audiences to dating apps - but with market leader Tinder boasting 26 million matches daily, is there room for competition?
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Cliffs fall in New Zealand earthquake

BBC News - 5 hours 12 min ago
Cliffs collapse in New Zealand during an 5.7 magnitude earthquake in the city of Christchurch, days before the anniversary of the deadly 2011 quake.
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Rowers rescued from Atlantic crossing

BBC News - 5 hours 19 min ago
Four British rowers trying to cross the Atlantic are rescued after their boat capsizes and they lose their oars.
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The biting wit of Justice Antonin Scalia

BBC News - 5 hours 43 min ago
Conservative US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who has died aged 79, was renowned for his biting wit and sarcasm.
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