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Ruling threatens Facebook data transfers

BBC News - 8 hours 27 min ago
The EU's top court rules that a data transfer pact with the US did not do enough to protect people's privacy, causing problems for Facebook.
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Rare Tintin art sells for $1.2m in HK

BBC News - 8 hours 32 min ago
A rare drawing of comic book adventurer Tintin has sold for 9.6 million Hong Kong dollars ($1.2m; £0.8m) at an auction in Hong Kong.
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Manhunt after PC killed by stolen truck

BBC News - 8 hours 47 min ago
A manhunt is continuing for the driver of a stolen pick-up truck which struck and killed a police officer as he attempted to stop the vehicle.
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VIDEO: Newly-discovered rat 'like no other'

BBC News - 8 hours 52 min ago
A team of international scientists have discovered a new species of rat in Indonesia.
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Art is similar to boxing - Joyce

BBC News - 8 hours 59 min ago
The British super-heavyweight with a love of painting shares his thoughts on art and boxing with Ben Dirs.
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VIDEO: 'We need to do more' on migration

BBC News - 9 hours 11 min ago
Prime Minister David Cameron says "we need to do more" to try and control immigration.
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Emmerdale eclipses soap rivals

BBC News - 9 hours 16 min ago
ITV's Emmerdale wins eight of the 18 awards at the Inside Soap Awards.
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Parents of truants to have benefits cut

BBC News - 9 hours 23 min ago
Parents in England who refuse to pay fines after their children play truant will have their child benefit docked, David Cameron warns.
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VIDEO: PM wants new crack down on truancy

BBC News - 9 hours 31 min ago
Prime Minister David Cameron wants to crack down on truancy saying school attendance is "absolutely essential".
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What's going on at Glencore?

BBC News - 9 hours 37 min ago
Duncan Weldon explains why the commodities giant Glencore's recent rollercoaster stock market ride is the kind of thing that isn't supposed to happen.
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Farrell defiant on England selection

BBC News - 9 hours 49 min ago
England backs coach Andy Farrell denies wielding undue influence over the team's tactics and line-ups at the World Cup.
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China in cautious welcome of TPP

BBC News - 10 hours 55 sec ago
China cautiously welcomes a US-led wide-ranging Trans-Pacific free trade deal, that covers about 40% of the world economy.
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New rat discovered in Indonesia

BBC News - 11 hours 2 min ago
Scientists working in remote jungle on Sulawesi island, Indonesia, say they have discovered the previously undocumented "hog-nosed rat".
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Breaking free from being 'locked-in'

BBC News - 11 hours 12 min ago
Policewoman's terror at being "locked-in" after stroke
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Harsher penalties for memorial thieves

BBC News - 11 hours 27 min ago
Thieves who steal metal plaques from war memorials, or damage other historic monuments, will face tougher penalties under new guidelines for judges in England and Wales.
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Mrs May on immigration, Mr Hunt on China

BBC News - 11 hours 31 min ago
Conservative conference stories prevail, with a look-ahead to a "hardline" speech by Theresa May on immigration, and a furore over comments made by Jeremy Hunt about tax credit cuts.
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Drama unfolds at Bradford station

BBC News - 13 hours 51 min ago
Travellers at Bradford Interchange will witness drama unfolding when actors perform a new play around the building, including in the ladies' toilets.
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Clarkson's final Top Gear up for NTA

BBC News - 13 hours 58 min ago
Jeremy Clarkson's final season on Top Gear has been nominated for a National TV Award and is up against last year's winner Gogglebox.
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VIDEO: Floods kill nine in South Carolina

BBC News - 14 hours 26 min ago
At least nine people have been killed by fast-moving floodwater in the US state of South Carolina.
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VIDEO: 'Lad culture: it stops here'

BBC News - 14 hours 29 min ago
Can rude and sexist behaviour by male students be stopped?
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